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Surprise! Perhaps against the judgement of their better selves, Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond are back with a special Skype-assisted episode of The Writer and the Critic. From their self-isolated COVID-19 bunkers*, they reconvene to chat about some of the things that have made them happy since the last episode aired back in December 2017. Or, indeed, are making them happy right now.


Here's the list of links in order of discussion:

1. The Migration by Helen Marshall (recommended by Kirstyn)

2. Some Good News YouTube channel (recommended by Ian)

3. Mothers Grimm by Danielle Wood (Kirstyn)

4. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews on Twitter and Facebook (Ian)

5. Eye in the Sky (Kirstyn)

6. The Good Place (Kirstyn)

7. Science Vs podcast (Ian)

8. The Allusionist podcast (Kirstyn)

9. The Memory Palace podcast (Kirstyn)

10. Backlisted podcast (Ian)

11. Phoebe Judge reading classic mystery stories on the Criminal podcast (Kirstyn)

12. The Mere Wife by Maria Dahvana Headley (Kirstyn)

13. We All Hear Stories in the Dark by Robert Shearman (Ian)

14. "10 Minutes with ..." series on the Coode Street Podcast

Will there be another episode of The Writer and the Critic? Kirstyn and Ian are not sure! It depends on how bored and lonely they get! Or how many people send them feedback that does not include death threats! But they want you to know that they love you and miss you and hope you are all keeping safe and healthy in these strange and difficult times.


* Comfortable suburban loungerooms

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